Vision and Values


Flowering Desert is built on the belief that each person is unique and has special gifts and talents to contribute. We believe that people and the environment that we live in should come before profit. We want to create a safe environment and pleasant working conditions where people know that they are valued and enjoy coming to work. We want the artisans and their families to prosper in every way. Our values guide the way that we work and inform our decisions and are summed up in the following Mission and Vision statements:

Mission Statement

To transform lives and community through sustainable, ethical business.

Vision Statement

To help every woman who walks through the doors of Flowering Desert to learn their true value and reach their full potential. To continue providing excellent training in both jewellery making and tailoring so that our products are desirable and competitive in the global market.



True to its name, Flowering Desert began in 2006 in a place of rocky uncultivated land with no resources and no opportunities, especially for the women of the surrounding villages.  There the small seed of a vision for transformation was sown which, from these unpromising beginnings, has grown into a flourishing community where women learn skills and receive fair wages for their work, enjoying the opportunities and affirmation of working together in a supportive environment.  The benefits extend out to their families and the wider community in the form of primary health care, education, counselling and micro-loans.

Flowering Desert is bringing life and hope to a dry and dusty land.