Partner and client relationship

Partnering with companies that share our vision to see lives transformed through business has been significant in helping Flowering Desert become sustainable.

As a customer, you can contribute by purchasing products made at Flowering Desert.

Just Trade

JustTradeLogo_30mmx30mm“Just Trade has had the privilege to work with the fantastic team at Flowering Desert since 2010, after being introduced by VIA Design. At this time there were seven ladies in the project who were all trained in tailoring, but were struggling to find enough regular orders and at the time hindered by intermittent power supply. Just Trade offered training in basic jewellery techniques using hand tools, therefore not requiring a reliable electricity source. The ladies picked up the techniques quickly, including beading, cutting, polishing and hammering. Since then we have continued to work in partnership with Flowering Desert, visiting on an annual basis to provide additional training and focused product development. 

It is a joy to work with the ladies at Flowering Desert, to see how they have grown in skill and confidence over the years and the difference that this has made to the wellbeing of them and their families. Mercy’s holistic approach to ensuring the welfare of the women means that they feel valued and have a sense of belonging sometimes for the first time in their lives. Flowering Desert now employs around 25  women and together we are proud to supply fairly traded, beautifully made jewellery to over 450 independent shops, galleries, museums and high street stores around the world.”

For more information please see the Just Trade website


Via Design

“We are proud to have been working with Flowering Desert since 2006 to provide training logoin sample development and production as well as introducing new clients and opening routes to market.  Our customers often comment on the quality and finish of VIA products. This makes us especially happy as we see the difference in the lives of the women who work at Flowering Desert. It’s great to see how they are blooming!”

For more information please see the via design website

 Ellie Fun Day

ellie logo

Ellie Fun Day went into hibernation during Covid-19 and has not yet started functioning again. Prior to that, they were among our best customers.

“Flowering Desert has been an amazing partner in working with us in making very specialized and hand-crafted products. From the beginning, their willingness to try and make a challenging blanket and develop the skill set and quality control for the US market has made them a solid partner for many years to come. Their timeliness in response is one of the key factors that we took into consideration when looking at a partner that works with empowering marginalized women. We believe wholeheartedly that the work they do spans beyond just providing a job, but more so a community where women, can come and feel safe and have dignity in the work that they do.”

For more information please see the ellie fun day website


“Flowering Desert is a special place that is creating economic opportunities for the lives of many women, and in turn their families. Mercy’s vision of creating a  profitable business to sustain the families and local communities is flourishing. brandhelene logo

Flowering Desert is a wonderful safe haven where women are empowered by creating high-quality handmade products. Many of the ladies of Flowering Desert have had many terrible hardships placed in their life path, at Flowering Desert that are safe and work in joy among friends

brandhelene is honored to working with Flowering Desert in creating beautiful handmade products that combine good design with social need. To us, Fair Trade means a safe and healthy working environment, where the workers can  gain the income and self-confidence to become more self-reliant and independent and Flowering Desert is that and more.”

For more information please see the brand helene website.

Tabitha Living

Tabitha Living logoFor the last seven years, Flowering Desert has been making home textiles for Tabitha Living in the UK. The rich textiles and colours in Tabitha Living’s collections are a fusion of the warm earth of India and the cool fashion of Scandinavia. Though set far apart, both regions have a long history of folk art and craftsmanship and of designs handed down through the generations.

Tabitha Living is where tradition meets style, where fashion meets integrity.

For more information, please see the website.